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Too-Faced Smurfette Collection!

How cute is this collection?? I’m tempted to get it just for the packaging! Just click on the picture and it’ll take you to the site.

Inauguration Day!!! and Good Morning America!

Inauguration Day for me started rolling out of bed at 4am and then heading down to meet my friends by 5:30am. We decided to pick a spot right near the Monument where you look down at the Capitol and see several Jumbotrons in sight. It was a good 6 hrs of waiting in the COLD […]

Why Do People Need to Ruin a Good Thing?

So recently I have been unable to set up my videos to be able to select which thumbnail I wanted to show up as a selection. I was so confused and kept uploading -reuploading – redo the video and reupload to no avail! I can never find the photo thumbnail that I wanted. Frustrated, I […]

Too-Faced Liquif-Eye Shadow Collection

I guess this is what you get for buying stuff online before actually seeing the product in the store or reading any reviews. I get so lazy in the wintertime that I don’t head out as much as I do even though the mall is really a 5 minute drive. Really. That means that Sephora […]

Sidetwist Updo!

So I did a video for one of my updo I did during my honeymoon cruise. It seemed it turned out much better the first time then in the video. =P One step I forgot was to curl the ends of the ponytail some more with a curling iron before pinning it up.Here’s a pic […]

Heated Eyelash Curler!

So I ordered a heated eyelash curler from my company’s catalog bc we get it at little bit over cost so why not. Since I never saw the thing and don’t know what the name was, I would’ve done more research before purchasing the thing. I was excited to see my package came today, opened […]


woo hoo! Thanks to itsliz89, I found this! Go get something good!! Hmm, I wonder what I’ll need. Sale going on through Monday 1/19/09

Perfect Lash Comb

I’ve always had a lash comb in any of the brush collections I buy. People just always give them away and I’ve had plenty of them but don’t ever use them. Why? Because they don’t really do the job at all! I run it through and the brush would either not separate at all with […]