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Color Tag: Green

I haven’t done too many tags lately out of laziness (ha) but this Color Tag, tagged by the lovely Jen , was not your normal questionnaire tag. Here, you list items that you have in the color chosen by your Tagger and for this particular one, that would be green. Since I’m a girl who […]

Beauty Blogger Secret Santa!

This year I was able to participate in not 1 but 2 Secret Santas – one thru Kay and the other thru Pam – thank you girls for putting it together! I couldn’t wait to see who my secret santa was! My 1st Secret Santa through Kay was Songling! She’s such a sweetheart to send […]

Jewelry Organization & a Happy Holiday!

Someone had asked me how I organized my jewelry so here’s a video for that. haha.. I sound like the iPhone commercial, “there’s an app for that” Anywho, my necklaces have been organized for a few months now on a hanger that I forget where I bought. I organized the earrings few days ago by […]

Holiday Glam Updo Hair Tutorial

I’m telling ya, I’m on a roll! hehe.. Here’s another and final hair tutorial for the holidays so you can rock it to your next party gathering or even NYE’s coming up =) Supplies:Chi Iron Guard SprayVelcro Hair BaseConair 3/4″ Curling IronConair 1 1/4″ Curling IronBobby pinsHair ornament (optional) Enjoy!

Holiday Glam Silver & Gold (Drugstore) Makeup Tutorial

I’m on a roll today – filmed 6 videos – 3 of which are for holidays. =D Now I just have to edit them all – haha. The second makeup tutorial for the holidays is gold at the top and silver for the bottom eyes. I was all set to do this makeup with other […]

Winter Blues Makeup Tutorial

So I was supposed to be up in Philly this weekend for a friend’s wedding but unfortunately with the blizzard here, it would not have been a wise decision to drive up so I canceled it. I do feel bad though, but will be sending them a gift so hopefully that will make up for […]

How To: Depot Urban Decay Primer Potion

Ever have problems with UDPP drying out when depotting? I’ve had my tube for the longest time, because I was afraid to depot it and have the primer dry out on me. One of my subscribers brought to my attention that EnKore had a tip on this who got it from Brittany (ClumpsofMascara). Sharing is […]

Peanut Tang Yuan (Tong Yun/汤圆) Cantonese Dessert Soup

Tang Yuan (mandarin) or Tong Yun (cantonese) is a dish of glutinous rice balls served in a sweet broth. In Southeast Asia Chinese culture, it is traditionally served on Dong Zhi or known as winter solstice. This is the time when winter is welcomed by eating tong yun. My favorite is made with peanut filling […]