Falling for Autumn | Olive Green Asymmetrical Dress

Hello Autumn! Although I love warmer weather, I do like what autumn brings–the crisp air, the beautiful colors of changing leaves and deeper color tones for styling. This dress has been in my wardrobe since 2012 believe it or not, but it still looks just as good as the day I got it. I love the asymmetrical neckline and the crêpe material of the dress making it a unique piece that I’m sure to love for many more years.

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Summer to Fall | Tangerine Romper + Gold Leopard Details

Hello and happy Tuesday! I’m thankful to be living in the DC area where I can still hold onto summer just a little bit longer. It could be global warming, but the cold haven’t been setting in until mid-November and in some years, we had warmth up until mid-December. Although I love the summer heat and don’t mind it as much, I do like the cooler nights when fall starts to creep in each day.

As you can tell, I love rompers and dresses. I’ve said it again and again, but they are seriously the most easiest outfits to put together without too much effort. They keep you cool and looking great. Another favorite summer to fall romper that is quickly becoming a go-to piece in my closet is this romper below. Yes, the plunging neckline may be a little risqué, but nothing like adding a lariat necklace to keep things modest.

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Summer Transition | Two Piece Maxi Dress + Lace Up Heels

Hello everyone! Now that the temps are cooling down and we are transitioning to fall mode, I chose the outfit below as an another example of how to transition your summer outfit into fall. I’ve been seeing out of dresses and rompers being split into a two-piece which I find it appealing. For one, when you have a pattern that runs from head to toe, it’s nice to break it up by splitting it to create a nice silhouette and make it interesting.

I’ve mentioned color and material are two ways to add in fall into your summer outfits such as the fun red florals on black background pattern in this outfit coupled with the suede lace up pumps. As you can see that I’m clearly holding onto the off-shoulder top and ruffles just a little bit longer. Many thanks to my blogger bestie, Kim, for helping me shoot these photos! If you don’t know her by now, please check out her page when you get a chance.

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Afternoon Cravings | Falling For Platform Sandals

Happy Friday everyone! As I transition sadly from summer to fall temps, so too will my outfits follow suit. That’s not to say that I can’t hold onto summer a little longer by incorporating summer pieces into fall outfits. Accessories are a great and simple way to do just that so let’s start off with shoes, shall we?

Needless to say, my afternoon cravings came in the form of platforms as evident below. When I think of fall, I instantly think of warm colors such as nudes, tans, cognacs, olives and warm materials such as suede and leather. Here are a few of my picks below and one or two of them may make its way into my closet (closet tour in the future perhaps?). Can you guess which pairs of platforms I chose below? More info and links to each image after the jump!

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