Oheka Castle | Blush-Draped Dress

Hello everyone! I’ve been to NYC so many times that I never knew there was a castle not far from the city. I made sure this was one of our last stop grabbing brunch at the castle then walking the grounds to grab a few outfit photos. The castle was just spectacular where weddings can be held there and guests can stay at one of their many rooms there.

It was, of course, another hot day, so I wanted something breezy to wear to brunch. This drapey dress was light enough to wear for the day. I wanted to wear it as is as to not let the material flow as I walk, but you can wear a belt with it to help create a nice silhouette.

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Boston Public Library | Afternoon Tea in Summer Florals

Hello everyone! Wow, am I knee-deep in renovations and cleaning and unpacking (real slowly) with my new place. I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been going through soon. I’ve been vlogging a little bit each time something new has been done to the place. Renovations have only begun for a month and I’m already ready for the whole process to be over! Also as of yesterday, I am no longer a renter! I turned in my keys to my landlord–hallelujah!

Also I haven’t been focused on outfit shoots either since most of my weekends have been lent to doing something to my new place. But here is an outfit shoot from my road trip to Boston early last month. When I saw the beautiful Boston Public Library and even on Jean’s instagram over the afternoon tea, I had to visit the place. As you know, I’m in love with libraries especially ones that have a unique look much like Baltimore’s Peabody Library–an inspiration behind Beast’s library in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast movie.

The Boston Public Library was just as spectacular and I love the columns, the high ceilings and intricate artwork and of course, an afternoon tea break was a great start to the day. I can definitely see why Jean had her vintage-inspired wedding there, which was absolutely beautiful.

As for my outfit, I opted for something light and casual for summer–light top and floral skirt. It absolutely poured the night before, so adding a light jean jacket helped with cool temps and a summer hat is always necessary to protect your skin from the sun!

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Afternoon Cravings Home Edition | Going for the Gold

Hello everyone! I’ve been super busy with my new place trying to move and unpack little by little. I can’t fully unpack yet until most of the renovations are done downstairs, but at least my loft and bedroom are ready enough for me to set up.

I hope that this is not a phase, but I’m really into looking at gold decor items as accents for both bedroom, office, living room, dining room and kitchen accessories. It would be a shame for the phase to be over and I would want to replace everything gold. Please let’s not hope that’s the case! Anywho, below are some of the items that I have purchased over the last few weeks. I definitely have bought more home stuff than clothing items, believe it or not. Once everything is ready, I will probably do a home tour some time in August possibly. In the meantime, if you are crazy for gold yourself, feel free to check out the items below. Links after the jump!

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Chevy Volt Road-Tripping to Block Island | Lace Off-Shoulder Top + Cutoff Shorts

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great long 4th of July weekend. I spent most of it painting and packing, but at least I saved Monday night to hang out at a friend’s bbq. It was raining for most of the day, so unfortunately, that made it difficult to see the fireworks in DC.

Ah, summer–love it. And speaking of summer, one of the best summer activity I like to do is road-tripping on my weekends off. One of the road trip so far was heading up to Block Island for a wedding shoot. Because of the distance, it made sense to add Providence and Boston to the list and making NY the last pit stop before heading back down to MD.

There wasn’t much to do until after the wedding, but I was able to do a quick wedding shoot before continuing onto our next road trip destination. One of my go-to pieces have been off-shoulder tops as evident here and here. A lacy top with a good pair of cut-off shorts make this outfit casual enough to explore a new destination.

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