Monochrome Monday in Everything Black

Happy New Year! It’s been crazy hell of a trip and I can’t wait to be back to update you all on it. In meantime, you can follow my journey on my Instagram if you haven’t done so already! Since this is a scheduled post, I should be in Taipei celebrating the New Year a day ahead.

As for this outfit, I love dressing in monochrome colors and by adding textures to your outfit, you can make it interesting. I added faux leather quilted skirt with a longline heather coat and thigh high boots. I love pairing longline coat with boots that really cover your legs when wearing skirts to keep me warm for the winter.

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Winter Blues & Burgundy

Hellooooo… Finally catching up to my posts featuring my new hairstyle and yes I got bangs. I went to my hair stylist, Ali, and told her what I want and she totally delivered. I’m not sure why, but I’ve always had bad experiences from past stylists who didn’t know how to cut bangs on Asian women before and I always had to fix them. Not with Ali. I did color, balayage and cut with her and she blew me away with the result. If you’re ever in the DC, VA, MD area, be sure to see her!

Again, you can’t go wrong with burgundy and navy blues so here’s another look. Check out the last outfit I did using the same colors. Also check out the shoes! It’s awesome having fashionistas as friends, because Holly lent me her shoes for this outfit which complemented it perfectly. Too bad we were not the same shoe size, but because they were mules, I was able to pull it off for the shoot. And trust me, if you get these pairs, you will not regret it and get compliments for days. Everyone kept stopping Holly and asking her where she got her shoes. Totally worth the price. Too bad they don’t have my size!

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