Spring Showers | Navy Striped Trench + Aubergine Leopard Scarf

Hey everyone! Now that spring has fully arrived, my allergies are running amok and I haven’t been functioning on a full night’s sleep yet. They’ve been waking me up either early or middle of the night and then I’m left sleepy for the rest of the day. No bueno.

Anyway, spring has definitely brought on the showers and we’re having rainy days all week this week. I haven’t really invested in any rain coats, but I’ve been getting the most out of this striped trench coat for sure. A nice spring coat is such a necessity when it comes to the odd spring temps throughout the day, so I definitely recommend getting a nice one to get you through spring.

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Jamaica Tropics | Aztec Print Romper

Hello everyone! What a busy week it has been. I wanted to finish up my Jamaica outfit posts with this last one. I didn’t get to shoot that many with the wedding shoot to think of and just wanting to relax and thaw from the winter.

With any tropic summer temps, all I want to do is chillax with rompers by the pool or beachside. It’s the most easiest thing to slip on and make it casual or dressy. I always bring several with me since they take up little room in my suitcase and you’ll look put together with little effort. Throw on a sun hat and some wedges for height and you’re good to go!

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Ocho Rios Jamaica | Maxi Ikat Print Dress

Hello everyone and happy Tuesday! It’s been a week since I got back from Jamaica and boy am I missing the warmth. Although this week will be getting a little warmer and finally I think spring is here to stay. I welcome the warmth sooner than later this time around, because I want to take Dex out for a walk in his cute little pouch that I got for him from ebay. Unfortunately, because it was coming from overseas, they sent a bright fuchsia pouch instead of the light blue that I wanted for him. Ugh, the downs of buying things from ebay. I guess my boy will have to be carried around in a bright pink pouch for time being–LOL. I want to take him out so that he has some fresh air instead of being at home all the time. Because he’s an African Pygmy hedgehog, he needs to be in warm weather temps otherwise he would go into emergency hibernation.

Ok, enough about him. I digress. It was my first time being in Jamaica and I was so glad to be able to pack lightweight items including this maxi dress below. We did nothing but lounged at the pool and walked around the resort looking for the next thing to eat. It was pure bliss. This maxi dress was the perfect thing to wear around as a cover up over your bikini or just lounging around at the resort. Because I am not top heavy, I made sure to wear a bralette underneath as to not accidentally flash someone which may have happened on two occasions. Thank goodness for a little more cover up.

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The Flower Fields | Off-Shoulder Hunter Green Dress

Hello everyone and happy Tuesday, I suppose. Getting back really late last night after an hour delay connecting in Orlando and then to land in DC with 30 degree temps when I was just warming up to 80 degree weather in Jamaica was no bueno. Then waking up with few hours of sleep to start work today proved to be such a rude awakening. I wanna go back. Now. The only thing that is pushing me through the day is getting to see my favorite hoglet, Pointdexter. I’ve missed him so! And I think deep deep down, he missed me too–LOL.

Anyway, let’s think spring with this post, okay? Every year that I go to LA, I always miss the Flower Field in Carlsbad, because I go around end of May/early June. This year, I was able to go back during spring for a wedding and was reminded last minute by my friend’s instagram that the Flower Fields were ready and blooming. I immediately added that to the agenda and there was no way that I would miss it for the world. I was so glad that I did, because the rows and rows of ranunculus was such a beauty to behold. As you may know from McKee-Besher sunflower field, Clearmeadow sunflower field and and lavender field adventure, I have not come across a flower field that I did not like.

As for my outfit, I wanted something casual that I could walk around all day in and chose this hunters green off-shoulder dress which also has pockets (BONUS). It was pretty chilly that morning too before the sun could break through the clouds, so I had my jean jacket (not pictured) with me to keep me warm. In LA, it’s especially wise to bring along a jacket or scarf with you, because the morning and nights get chilly quickly as soon as the sun disappears.

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